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John’s Helping Hand is a Swim Safe 4 Life resource base for
aquatic directors, aquatic supervisors, lifeguards, and parents.

The goal of this website is to provide critical information to help keep all people, especially children, safe in and around water. It is absolutely essential that anyone who plans to be near water understands both its joys and risks.

The United States is a country of soakers, not necessarily swimmers. In America alone there are an estimated 3,000,000+ private pools as well as countless public pools, private and public beaches, private and public lakes, and rivers among other various bodies of water. Many of us plan family outings and vacations near water and, during the summer, water activities are often the primary focus for our children. There is, however, a tremendous amount of swimming taking place all year long.

This site is devoted to reducing the alarming rise in the number of near drownings and fatal drownings by arming parents and all those who care for children with vital information and resources.

Fundamental training skills are crucial in protecting all of us in the water, yet many U.S. facilities lack in these skills. This site provides recommendations on how to choose and evaluate a facility and empowers parents and others with a list of expectations that should be posted in an aquatics facility.

Our hope is for all, armed with the fully fundamental water safety information provided on this site, to swim safely and enjoy a sport that has captured the hearts of people around the world.

Swim Safe 4 Life! It’s not just a possibility but our solid goal!